In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

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Stephanie Ruiz is an Ecuadorian fashion designer who has been attracted by extravagant patterns and vibrant colors since she was little. She has always been inclined to her most creative and artistic side ever since. Her designs offer a wide range of tendencies which use contrasts, volumes and asymmetries to cerate designs that are known for being elegant with a daring proposal. Her main goal is to highlight the shape of every woman’s body, so she can feel at her most; attractive, elegant. Stephanie has been part of several beauty pageants such as Miss Peru and Miss Ecuador. Her collections have been part of numerous runways around the world. Runways in Punta del este Uruguay, Asunción Paraguay, Lima Perú and China are part of her vast experience. She also visited China where she took on her latest high fashion training course. Nowadays, she has a casual, gala, brides and accessory lines which can be found in her exhibit showroom, and different national and international showrooms, and social media.